GKs must confirm times with Mark AD_goalkeepers@eastbayunitedsoccer.org

(If your group times below won’t work, we can shift GKs to alt spots.)

GK Training Schedules Spring 2017: (MAY)

U9-U10 Boys & Girls:   Periodic Whole Team Trainings (Mark)

U11-U12 Boys & Girls:   Thursdays 6pm @ AP6 (Mark)

U13-U15 Boys:  Thur. 7:30pm @ AP1 (Mark)


U13-U15 Girls:  Mon. &/or Wed. 4:30pm @ Raimondi (Katie)

U16-U19 Girls:  Mon. &/or Wed. 5:30pm @ Raimondi (Katie)


U16-U19 Boys:  Mon. &/or Wed.  8:30pm @ ECCL (Sergio)

U16-U19 Boys:  Tues. 8:00-9:00pm @ AP6 (Sergio)


U13-U14 Boys & Girls w/Finishing: Fri. 4:15pm @ AP1 (Steve)

U15-U19 Boys & Girls w/Finishing: Fri. 5:45pm @ AP1 (Steve)


Current GK Trainers:

Mark Grody – EBUSC Director of GK for 17 years. Mark focuses his on-field trainings with our youngest GKs. Mark also is the director in charge of Summer camps, training programs, & our U6-U8 program. He has coached both boys & girls teams in the club as well as at local high schools and also both men & women at Holy Names University.

Jean Decru – Since 2010, has coached GKs, camps (lead college ID), clinics, & multiple teams on both the boys & girls side.  JC also coached girls at Encinal High and played professionally in France.

Sergio Alejandro Valle – Has been training our GKs & at our Summer camps for five years, including our boy’s US Developmental Academy GKs. Sergio also coaches at both James Logan HS and Chabot College.  He also played on the US Nat Beach Soccer team.

Katie Awerkamp – Head soccer coach at the Academy of Art, S.F., Katie has primarily been working with our older girls GKs for a couple of years now. Katie also works in the community with low income players.

Nikki Grody – Played D1 college ball at UC Irvine, and has coached GKs, teams, camps, & programs in the club for about five years. Currently, she is primarily used as an experienced back-up.

Briana O’Dowd – With the club a couple of year’s now, Bri won a national championship as a GK at CSDH. Currently coaching teams on the girls side of the club, Briana’s duties as EBUSC business manager doesn’t currently allow her other than spot duty with GKs.

Jenya Jawad – For the past couple of years Jenya has coached on the girls side as well as coached GKs. Currently, very busy with EBUSC’s vital Communications job and team coaching, we try to get this former Bay Oaks GK working with our GKs whenever possible.

Steve Kingue – New to the club, Steve has jumped right in with GrassRoots, USDA Academy, & Friday Finishing/GK. In Cameroon, Steve coached GKs for 2 years with Dauphine Academic Sport Center, and also played at University.