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For players born 2004-1998

This program is organized and run by EBU-Bay Oaks DOC Glenn van Straatum and his support staff.

EBU Bay Oaks Finishing Training Academy

EBU-Bay Oaks Finishing Program is based around individual and small group combination goal scoring. Finishing (goal scoring) is one, if not the most important part of the game. How many times have you seen a team create wonderful goal scoring opportunities only to see the final action miss the target!

This program is designed to minimize the misses and maximize efficiency in front of goal

Includes GKs!

All our programs are based on individual and small group skill development. We highly recommend you attend


Spring 2017 Schedule (Fridays @ AP1 March 24th-May 19th)

U13-U14  4:15-5:30pm

U15-U19  5:45-7:00pm