The Team Manager is a Key Role in any EBUSC Team

  • The team manager is the key person for communication and organization of the team.
  • The team manager works closely with the head coach to make sure the coach has all team organizational.
  • Matters related to the team organized in one place in a binder or electronically where feasible/allowed.

Team Communication is Essential!!

  • The Team Managers for EBUSC Teams are key to the overall communication of all our teams in the club.
  • Through its partnership with Teamsnap, EBU provides all its teams with the option to create their own Teamsnap site.
  • The site provides Team practices, game schedules and contact for all team members (only accessible to members of that team) and club officials.

The Team Manager’s Handbook (PDF)

The handbook is a guide for current and new Team Managers and contains all the information and forms needed to better understand and fulfill the Team Manager’s role and responsibilities.

  • Team Management Responsibilities
  • Guide to US Club Soccer or JLYSSL/CYSA Registration
  • Team Binder Checklist
  • Team Managers: How to Get Stuff Done
  • JLYSSL/CYSA Registration Cheat Sheet
  • Home Game Cancellation Procedure