You will have multiple accounts as a referee.

1) CNRA – this is the official account you will use to manage and update your license.

2) MySoccerLeague – this is the account login you will use regularly to request game assignments.

3) TeamSnap – EBUSC has created a “team” in order to communicate with and train EBU referees.

Creating Your CNRA Account (before taking a class)

1) Create an account at California North Referee Administration. Keep track of your username and login for CNRA. This is the login and registration you will use to renew your license, and to get other information that will be helpful from the GameOfficials web site.

2) Be sure you have created an account on CNRAYou do not need to register for the class, the instructor will add you, so you will not need the registration or age code. If you have questions feel free to email.

3) You must have an account in CNRA before test day. If you are not in the system, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Creating Your MySoccerLeague Account (after passing the exam)

Your club’s Referee Coordinator will create an account for you at MySoccerLeague. This is the system that all Jack London clubs use to schedule and assign referees for games on their fields.

Once the account has been created, you will get a user name and password, and you will need to keep track of this information to request games. This is the account you will use more often than any other as a referee in the Jack London system, but don’t forget this is not the same as the US Soccer account you will need to track your official license and to renew that license every year. Keep track of both logins.

Once you have logged into your MySoccerLeague account, you will need to “affiliate” with your team so that they get credit. This is a local affiliation. It needs to be renewed every year.