Entry Level Courses

To train new referees for your team, soccer clubs sponsor courses sanctioned by FIFA, US Soccer, and the Cal North Referee Association.  The Jack London Youth Soccer League provides many of these courses.

Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course
Lakeshore Baptist Church, 3534 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland.
The field session on the last day will be at a field in Alameda.
Course Dates (attendance at all sessions is mandatory):

Wednesday March 15, 7-10 pm

Wednesday March 22, 7-10 pm

Friday March 24, 7-10 pm

Saturday March 25, 2-6 pm (field session in Alameda)

Once you have the code, register for the class at: https://cnra.gameofficials.net/public/class/classRegister.cfm?classID=16438
Cost:  $45.  Pay online.

Link to all available classes: https://cnra.gameofficials.net/public/class/classSearch.cfm?classTypeID=0 

Instructions for online course: www.cnra.net/become-referee/entry-level-referee-course-modules/

Students that need to start or resume the Online portion of the Grade 8 Entry Level Course MUST first enter their account within www.cnra.gameofficials.net.

They must then click on “Confirmed Reg.”

Then click on the “Course Number”

Then click on the button “Load Session Tracker.”

Complete ALL the Modules (Sessions 1 – 10)

Session #10 is a 50 question Test that must be successfully completed with at least 80% correct.

  • This test may be taken up to three times.
  • CNRA requires this test to be taken without the use of the Laws of the Game or other resources.
  • CNRA also requires you not to obtain any additional help or assistance from others while you are taking this Test.

Additional Courses

Many area soccer clubs schedule referee classes so it is very likely you can find one that is convenient for you. Click to view all the courses in the area. You can take any one of them. All are taught by certified instructors from the Cal North Ref Association

Questions:  Email refcoordinator@eastbayunitedsoccer.org