Guest Player Policy

EBU does not permit guest playing on its competitive or recreational teams from players not registered with EBU unless approved by the Director of Coaching.  In addition, EBU players cannot guest play for another club without Director of Coaching permission.

EBU’s guest player policy is included in the club’s internal Player Identification & Development Program.


Non-Club Activity Policy

This policy covers what is considered a club activity and insurance issues related to non-club activities.

Each player registered with our club is covered by insurance as part of that registration for any club related activities. Those club activities include: league matches; team scrimmages where an EBU Bay Oaks licensed coach is responsible for the team; State Cup; tournaments sanctioned by US Club Soccer that are entered into by the team and include an EBU Bay Oaks registered coach who is responsible for the team; and practices that are conducted by an EBU Bay Oaks registered coach.

Club activities do not include: Bladium or futsal leagues (which typically have their own insurance); tournaments that are not US Club sanctioned tournaments (such as beach or sand tournaments or 6 v 6 or other small sided tournaments); or any event led by someone who is not registered as a coach with EBU Bay Oaks. The club is not responsible for any nonclub related activities (we have our hands full supervising the club related activities) and is not covered by club related insurance.

If you are not sure if your child is signed up to participate in a nonclub related activity or have any insurance questions, please contact our club administrator.


Registration Fee Refund Policy

The Club charges each player a Registration Fee which is established by the Club each year. The Registration Fee is the Club’s primary source of revenue and is the source of funds utilized to pay the Club’s essential expenses including, but not limited to league registration fees, field expenses, and insurance. Setting the amount of the Registration Fee is a critical part of the Club’s annual budgeting process and the Club, in establishing its budget, assumes that but for those players on scholarship, each player shall pay the full Registration Fee.

The Registration Fee is due and payable in full at the time of registering for the playing season or following tryouts or upon registering your player via Sportability to play either recreationally or competitively.

When a player is selected for any East Bay United (EBU) team, recreationally or competitively (State or Regional), a commitment is being made by the Club to the player and the player is making a similar commitment to the team and the Club. It is assumed by the Club that these respective commitments are for the entire soccer year, which may differ for recreational and competitive players, but it could start during tryouts, spring, or fall season to the conclusion of the playing season.

If a recreational player withdraws on or before June 1st, then the fees are fully refunded. If a recreational player withdraws between June 2nd and August 1st, EBU will refund all but $100.00 of your fees. This is because EBU will have already been charged a non-refundable fee by the League and CYSA or USCS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR RECREATIONAL PLAYERS AFTER AUGUST 1ST. The exception to this would be if we cannot place your child on any team. If we are unable to place your child on any team, you will receive a full refund.

For competitive players, once you accept an offer made by a team and register, the club does not issue any Registration Fee refunds when a player leaves the club for any reason (injury, relocation or otherwise). Before agreeing to accept a position on any competitive team, you should consider the Club’s policy regarding Registration Fee refunds. A player who accepts a spot on a team is taking that spot from another potential player who is not selected at tryouts for that team. The expenses relating to that competitive team remain the same, even if some players withdraw from that team.


Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

To honor the game, to promote our sense of responsibility, and to be part of an outstanding soccer club, EBUSC has mandated a minimum 5 hour volunteer requirement per family per team (so if you have kids on 2 teams, it’s 5 hours per team). Below are the volunteer categories you will be asked to choose from during the online registration process:

ORGANIZERS: Team Managers, Tournament Volunteers, Treasurers, Volunteer Liaisons, Event & Social Organizers, Team Snap Volunteers.

ON THE FILED REPRESENTATIVES Referees, Equipment & First Aid Volunteers, Uniform Coordinators, Game Day Assistants.

FUNDRAISING AND OUTREACH Team and Club Fundraisers, Grant Writers, Outreach Volunteers, Club Translators, Mentor Program Volunteers.

CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Photographers, Newsletter & Web Interface Volunteers, Translators, Financial Aid Committee Representatives, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Merchandising Representative, Uniform/Equipment Volunteers, PCA Coordinators, Sustainability Coordinators.

NEW FIELDS/FIELD DEVELOPMENT Be engaged in our ongoing search to procure and develop new fields/sports complex.

Please refer to our EBUSC Volunteer sign up sheet for specific team and club volunteer opportunities. These specific volunteer positions will be discussed and assigned at the first team meeting by your team coach.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Physical and Verbal Abuse

Any participant in the EBUSC program (including but not limited to parents, children, coaches, board members, volunteers, and fans) who is physically or verbally abusive toward any person (including but not limited to opposing teams, parents, coaches, referees, players, and spectators) will be suspended:

First Offense: Two-week suspension. In the event of physical abuse or severe verbal abuse, this may be stepped over for a more severe penalty below. Suspension bars attendance at any EBUSC matches and sponsored functions including practices. Suspended parents may drop off and pick up children for practices and matches.

Second Offense: Suspension for remainder of season. Sanctions may be enforced into following season depending on the number of games remaining in the season.

Third Offense: Lifetime suspension. EBUSC reserves the right to impose a lifetime suspension on the first (or second) offense depending on the severity of abuse.

Parents of EBUSC players agree to discuss these guidelines with their child/children, and to abide by and be bound by EBUSC’s Zero-Tolerance Policy for Physical and Verbal Abuse as interpreted by EBUSC and the JLYSSL Discipline Committee.