Marco Plascencia

EBU Bay Oaks Coach Profile – Marco Plascencia

  1. Name
    Marco Eduardo Plascencia
  2. Age
  3. Where were you born and raised?
    I was born and raised in Oakland.
  4. What city do you live in today?
    I currently live in Oakland.
  5. What is your most memorable soccer experience?
    My most memorable soccer playing experience was defeating a team that we had lost to every time we encountered each other on the pitch for three years. They were one of the best teams in the Bay Area and we could not defeat them. My goal, as well as my team, was to finally get a win against them. We trained really hard and even asked our coach to do an extra practice so when the time came we could be ready for them. Finally, we got our chance and it was in the State Cup Semi Final in which we defeated them 3-1 and I scored a goal.The other experiences that I cherish are the lifelong friends that I have made through soccer.
  6. Who is your favorite soccer team?
    I would have to say that Barcelona is my favorite soccer team.  I really enjoy the style of soccer that they play and how they are able to maintain it whether they are winning or losing.
  7. What is the most enjoyable aspect of coaching EBU Bay Oaks?
    I think the most enjoyable aspects of coaching at EBU Bay Oaks is seeing the progress of each of the players I have worked with, whether it be in a week, months or years. It always brings a smile to my face when a player comes up to me and tells me that they have beat there juggling record. Also, the ability to share the passion of soccer with the kids.
  8. What is your playing background?
    I started off playing in Alameda and Oakland Rec when I was 4. I then played for Bay Oaks, I started at the age of 7 (back then there was not a U9 team), for 11 years. During those years I also played for ODP, ODP State and ODP Regional teams. I played Varsity soccer all four years at Skyline High School in Oakland. I then proceeded to college where I played two years at San Jose State. I played Semi Pro with teams like Bay Area Ambassadors and Chivas before injuring my knee.
  9. What is your coaching background?
    This will be my 5th year of coaching U9-U11 Boys for Bay Oaks. I have coached Varsity High School soccer at Encinal in Alameda for three years. I also coached two summers of Bay Oaks U23 men’s team and currently am the assistant coach for the U17 Boys team.
  10. How do you define leadership?
    Leadership is the ability to empower others to realize their goals and achieve their maximum potential both as individuals and as part of a team.
  11. What are the three key lessons that you want your players to learn this year?
    One key lesson would be respect. Respect for the game, their opponents, team mates, coaches, and the referees. The next would be confidence. I want my players to dribble at defenders and try new things that take them out of their comfort zones and if they fail they will not let that hinder their desire to take risks. The last and most important lesson is to always have fun.