Jon Nishimoto

  1. Name?
    Jon Nishimoto
  2. Age?
  3. Where were you born and raised?
    I was born in San Mateo and raised in the Bay Area.
  4. What city do you live in today?
    I currently live in Oakland, CA.
  5. What is your most memorable soccer experience?
    I have many memorable experiences, but the most memorable was watching Bay Oaks Botafogo 96’ walk across the stage at the US Youth Soccer National Championships to receive their medals.  The players worked hard in preparation for the event and were rewarded for their efforts.
  6. Who is your favorite soccer team?
    All of the teams that I have coached are at the top of my list to be my favorite team.  The collective relationships that have been formed thru the teams have made a lasting impression on me.
  7. What is the most enjoyable aspect of coaching EBU Bay Oaks?
    There are many reasons that I enjoy working with the EBU Bay Oaks staff, players and families.  To start, the Bay Oaks soccer club does a great job of developing the players and coaches both on and off of the field. Thru coaching education and monthly clinics, to great support from the coaching directors.  The primary objective has always been to provide a cohesive learning environment for all members, maximizing the potential of all that give their best to the program.  EBU also offers many programs that provide high quality choices for players to develop and grow.  In addition to a great coaching staff, the club also has many volunteers that are critical to our success.  It feels good to be a part of an organization that works well together as a team.
  8. What is your playing background?
    I played club soccer as a youth and played in the premier league in S.F. as an adult.
  9. What is your coaching background?
    I currently hold a USSF B license and the NSCAA Premier Diploma.  In addition to coaching I am also a staff instructor for the NSCAA.  I started coaching recreational teams in 1992.  Since 1996 I have coached competitive club teams, both boys and girls.  I have experience working with the Olympic Development Program Regional and State teams.  In addition to youth soccer, I assisted at Cal State East Bay with the men’s team and I also have experience coaching High School soccer.  I have coached 9 years at Bishop O’Dowd High School, 4 years with the men’s Varsity and 2014/15 will be my 5th year as the women’s Varsity coach.  I’ve been very fortunate with the teams that I have been associated with.  Some of the major accomplishments of my teams are listed below.

    –          1 US Youth Soccer National Championship – Bronze Medal

    –          2 US Youth Soccer Regional IV Semi-Finalist

    –          2 US Youth Soccer Cal North State Championships

    –          2 US Youth Soccer Cal North State Finalist

    –          2 NorCal Premier State Championships

    –          3 US Club West Regional Championships

    –          2 North Coast Section Championships

    –          4 North Coast Section Finalist

    –          2 North Coast Section Semi-Finalist

    –          2014 California Coaches Association Coach of the Year

  10. How do you define leadership?
    I define leadership by the ability to guide or direct a group with effectiveness and command.  Maximizing the potential of the people that you are directly influencing in a positive manner.
  11. What are the three key lessons that you want your players to learn this year?
    I would like for my players to improve on their leadership abilities.  I would like for the players to understand the true values of teamwork and the ability to work well with others towards a common goal.  Last but not least, the ability to play with pride, determination and resiliency on a consistent basis.