Brooke Nelson

This month we feature Brooke Nelson, a legend amongst our EBUSC coaching staff.

Q. Name?
A. Brooke Ella Nelson

Q. Age?
A. So old I forgot

Q. Where were you born and raised?
A. Born in Maryland, grew up in Berkeley

Q. What city do you live in today?
A. Berkeley

Q. What is your most memorable soccer experience?
A. There are so many… as a coach, it might have been my U12 team dog piling a reluctant goalie after  blocking the final shot in a PK shootout to win the last  Bay Oaks Labor Day Tournament. Or perhaps the triple step-over in his six yard box, one seven year old executed, and then after being scored on yelled out with a huge smile, “coach did you see my step over?

Q. Who is your favorite soccer team?
A. Pro Team – Man U Coaching – The team I have at the time

Q. What is the most enjoyable aspect of coaching EBU Bay Oaks?
A. The players and the diversity of personalities.

Q. What is your playing background?
A. Started playing at age 9 (on a boys team) in the Bushrod Soccer Club (north Oakland club prior to Rockridge) Played at Boston University. Still playing in GGWSL.

Q. What is your coaching background?
A. I have been coaching kids since I was a teenager, all ages from kindergarten to high school, from competitive soccer teams to special needs kids.

Q. How do you define leadership?
A. The ability to provide inspiration and courage, promote loyalty, take responsibility, and forgive mistakes.

Q. What are the three key lessons that you want your players to learn this year?
A. Like all coaches I have specific skills I want all my players to learn, but it is the game and life’s experiences that teach the key lessons, not me. A good coach gives their players a safe place to make life long friends, experience the joy, frustration, excitement, disappointment, and the magic the game of soccer, played well (and sometimes not), can provide.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share?
A. EBU Bay Oaks Soccer Club is a place where kids from all over the city come together to learn a beautiful game, make new and sometimes unlikely friends, and grow into young adults.