Recreational Soccer

Registration for recreational soccer’s fall season is open each year from April 10th through June 10th. If you register for the fall season, you are automatically registered for the spring season.  No further action is required.  If you did not register for the fall season, you may register for the spring season only starting in February.

If you wish to have your child placed on a team with friends from school or if you wish to register your child for a specific team, you will be able to make those requests during the registration process.

East Bay United uses Sportability as its registration service.  When you begin the registration process you will leave the EBU site and conduct your registration on Sportability.


Spring 2018 Registration  – Registration for the Spring 2018 Season will open January 25th for Team Registration and February 25th for New Player Registration

Team registration opens January 25th – Coaches, before you register your team, please contact your players to determine which of them will be participating in the spring season.  As part of the team registration, you will be asked to list the team members who will be playing spring soccer.  Complete player information is not required, a first name and last initial are sufficient.  Only include players who were part of your fall team.

U6 Coed, U8 Boys & U8 Girls – Team Registration

U10 – U19 Boys & Girls – Team Registration


New player registration opens February 25th – Parents, if your child played on one of our teams during the fall season, do not register again for the spring.  Your child is automatically registered for the spring season. 

U6 Coed, U8 Boys & U8 Girls  (Players must be 5, 6 or 7 on 9/1/2017)

U10 – U12 Boys & Girls  (Players born in 2009, 2008, 2007 & 2006)

U14 – U19 Boys & Girls  (Players born in 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 & 2000)



Fall 2017 Registration – Closed

The following are the age group designations for Recreational soccer.

U6 Coed:  Players must be attending kindergarten and turn 5 by 9/1/2017

Register     U6 Coed

U8: Players must be 6 or 7 years old on 9/1/2017

Register     U8 Boys      U8 Girls

U10: Players born in 2008 and 2009

Register     U10 Boys     U10 Girls

U12: Players born in 2006 and 2007

Register     U12 Boys     U12 Girls

U14: Players born in 2004 and 2005

Register     U14 Boys     U14 Girls

U16: Players born in 2002 and 2003

Register     U16 Boys     U16 Girls

U19: Players born in 1999, 2000 and 2001

Register     U19 Boys     U19 Girls