In creating this Micro Soccer program, we’ve acted on the example of the overwhelming majority of experienced soccer coaches and educators who have for years been saying that small-sided soccer is the best format for younger players. When playing with only two or three teammates, younger players have many more touches on the ball and participate in the game more fully. This increases their enjoyment and learning of soccer. Micro Soccer play also reduces a complex game to its basic features, such as the triangle, which are more readily understood by kids.

The EBU Soccer Club U6 program is ideal for a busy mom or dad. The games are on the weekend and are only a 1 hour commitment which includes both the practice and two 10 minute games. There are no weekday practice time commitments.We also provide all the equipment and training for new coaches including: How to hold a practice, what drills to run, and what age appropriate skills to teach. No previous soccer experience required. *** {The training includes a coaches orientation which is 1.5 hrs and a coaching session which is 2 hours. } *** In addition coaches have assistant coaches, team managers, and field monitors who make coaching a team a shared responsibility.

EastBay United Soccer Club U6-Program (PDF). Overview of the U6 Micro Soccer Program for Coaches

U6 Coaches Guide (PDF) is a 32-page overview of the original Rockridge Soccer Club’s U6 program produced specifically for new coaches, with information about team organization, volunteerism, game day protocol, U6 rules and other important topics. This is a good guide for all new EBU U6 Coaches

U6 U8 Examples of a Seasonal Training Plan (PDF) Example of drills to run at practices for Weeks 1-8