1. What is the age requirement for U6 Micro-soccer?

Answer: Micro Soccer teams are for boys and girls who are entering kindergarten in the fall and will turn 5 years old no later than September 1st. Children in preschool, pre-K, or who turn 5 years old after September 1st, are NOT eligible for Micro Soccer.

2. How do I register my son or daughter for the U6 Micro-soccer program?

Answer: Online registration for EBU Soccer Club players, teams, coaches, referees and special clinics is handled by Teamsnap, an independent league management service that provides secure credit card payment processing over the Internet. Registration normally occurs in the spring or early summer for the following fall season. Click on the Registration link on the right side of this page.

If you see “Register Now” in the league activity column, the registration is open and accepting new players. We often have more players than we have coaches, so if all teams are full, but the league has more room you will have the option to be put on our wait list.

If you see “Last Game” registration is closed and the teams are full. You will need to wait until the registration opens up for the next season.

3.This is my son or daughters first organized sport, what are my responsibilities as a parent for the U6 Micro-soccer program?

Answer: The EBU Soccer Club U6 program requires that each parent be involved. This is not a drop off program. Each team has  volunteer positions that must be filled including : Team Manager, coaches assistant, photo day coordinator, field monitor, snack coordinator, and end of the season celebration.  In addition to agreeing to a volunteer role, one parent or guardian for a child must attend a Positive Coaching Alliance training session. We rely on parents for all aspects of the U6 soccer program.

Here are the descriptions of the U6-U8 volunteer responsibilities

4. I registered my son or daughter, but they are still on the wait list. How can they get onto a U6 Micro-soccer team?

Answer: EBU Soccer Club is an volunteer organization. We rely on parents for all aspects of the program. A parent can volunteer to be a coach and their child along with 9 other kids on the wait list will form a new team.

5. My child would like to play on the same team as their best friend. Is there any way to put my child on the same team as their friend?

Answer: During the registration process you can put a teammate preference and/or a coach preference. Please realize that we can not accommodate all requests. Each team is comprised of kids from different schools from the surrounding areas and we try to balance teammate requests, against when people registered and the number of girls and boys on a team.The maximum number of kids on one team is 10.

Note: If your child is trying to get onto an existing team that has room due to a child dropping out the request is handled through the registrar not through the coach. Please put your child on the wait list and the registrar will work through the people who are currently on the wait list.

6. My spouse is asking me to step up and coach, but I am concerned about the time commitment. What is involved in coaching a U6 Micro-soccer team?

Answer: The EBU Soccer Club U6 program is ideal for a busy mom or dad. The games are on the weekend and are only a 1 hour commitment which includes both the practice and two 10 minute games. There are no weekday practice time commitments. We also provide all the equipment and training for new coaches including: How to hold a practice, what drills to run, and what age appropriate skills to teach. No previous soccer experience required. *** {The training includes a coaches orientation which is 1.5 hrs and a coaching session which is 2 hours. } *** In addition coaches have assistant coaches, team managers, and field monitors who make coaching a team a shared responsibility.


Still have questions email our U6 Commisioner  U6comm@eastbayunitedsoccer.org