EBU Juniors (U6-U8)


EBU Soccer School (Coed) – FALL ONLY:  For children 3-8 years old

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U6 Micro Soccer (Coed) –  Players must be attending kindergarten and turn 5 by 9/1/2018

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U8 Soccer League: Players must be 6 or 7 years old on 9/1/2018

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WELCOME to the new EBU JUNIORS PROGRAM at East Bay United Soccer Club!!!

EBU Juniors is all about FUN. EXCELLENT. AFFORDABLE. SOCCER. for young children of all playing abilities, experience and backgrounds.

We believe that at this age it’s especially important to remember that we are coaching children—not just players! Our programs combine early childhood development best practices with age-appropriate excellent soccer instruction to create an environment where kids learn through play.

At this age group our programs are not labeled as “rec” or “competitive.” All EBU Juniors programs are designed to meet young children where they are, and to offer them a fun challenge and opportunity to grow and improve on the field. Players that participate in EBU Juniors Programs go on to play U10 Recreational or U9 Competitive Soccer after they turn 8.

Starting Fall 2018, East Bay United will offer three different programs for 3-8 year-old children:

U6 Micro Soccer (Kindergarten)

U8 Soccer League (1st & 2nd Grade*)

EBU Soccer School (3-8 years old)

(EBU Soccer School replaces “Grassroots” and “Jr. Academy” weekday programs starting Fall 2018)

See program descriptions below for more info:


EBU Soccer School (U6-U8)

  • NEW PROGRAM – FALL 2018!!!
  • Weekday sessions led by Coach Drew & Coach Mark
  • Register for Mondays @ Raimondi (Oakland) or Fridays @ Alameda Point
    • 4pm-5pm session – 3-5 year olds
    • 5pm-6pm session – 5-8 year olds
  • For children in Preschool through 2nd Grade, plus 3rd Graders born after 7/31/210
  • $250 for Fall Season (10 sessions)

U6 Micro Soccer (Coed)

  • Fall – Sundays @ Caldecott (Oakland)
  • Spring – Saturdays @ Raimondi (Oakland)
  • 60 minute sessions: 30 minute practice followed by two short 3 v 3 games
  • Coaching is by parent volunteers w/ support from EBU Juniors coaches
  • For players entering Kindergarten in Fall 2018
  • $250 for year (Fall + Spring)

U8 Soccer League

  • Register for Boys or Girls League
  • Fall – One weekday practice + one Saturday game
  • Spring – Weekend game + optional clinics for players that want to play more
  • Coaching is by parent volunteers w/ support from EBU Juniors coaches
  • The fall 2018/spring 2019 league is for children of all playing abilities with birth dates between 8/1/2010 and 7/31/2012. Players born before 8/1/2010 play U10 Rec or U9 Competitive soccer during Fall 2018)
  • $250 for year (Fall + Spring)