EBU Juniors (U6-U8)

EBU Juniors Programs (Preschool –  2nd Grade)

We offer several soccer programs for children that are in preschool through 2nd Grade. These programs are based on early childhood development best practices, and prepare children to go on to either competitive or recreational soccer teams after they turn 8 years old.

EBU Juniors Membership – New option for 2019-20!

We are now offering a new EBU Juniors Membership option for $50/month.

Pay a flat rate and play as much or as little soccer as you want, all year round!

This option allows a child to participate in all EBU Juniors programs for their age group, as long as their membership is active.

You still have the option of registering for each of our EBU Juniors programs individually, but you may save money by getting an EBU Juniors Membership for the year.

Your EBU Juniors Membership covers participation in all of the following programs:

EBU Soccer School (Pre-K – 2nd Grade)

U6 Micro Soccer League (Kindergarten only)

U8 Boys & Girls Leagues (1st & 2nd Grade)

Summer Camps (2011 players)

Winter Indoor Soccer League (2011-2013 players)

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We offer Financial Aid and payment plans for all programs. Click here to complete the online Financial Aid Application.