EBU U8-U18 Recreational teams get a $75 allowance to spend at Soccer Post. Below is the Equipment Order Form. To purchase items on this form, fill it out and email it to Soccer Post using the email address on the form. Soccer Post will reply to your email when the order is ready for pickup. If you stay within the $75 budget, you don’t need to pay for the order. Soccer Post will record your order and bill the club.

You may also use the allowance on other coaching-related items that Soccer Post has in stock, but that aren’t on the order form. Please limit yourself to items in stock and don’t ask Soccer Post to order additional items. “Coaching-related items” means you can’t get things like cleats, apparel, referee equipment, etc. You must get all the equipment in one visit to Soccer Post so they don’t have to keep a running tally of how much your team has spent.

Equipment Order Form (XLS)