In mid-September EBUSC kicked off our Online Scholarship Fundraiser with a goal of raising $25,000 for our annual scholarship fund.

One of our Club’s guiding values – one that sets us apart from the rest of the soccer community – is that any child regardless of ability or financial means, can play in our club.  Our culture of inclusion has fostered a diverse club, which we believe helps ultimately to develop stronger players who can lead groups with different backgrounds to accomplish a common goal.

The EBUSC Scholarship Program is the primary way that we support this goal. The Fund provides financial assistance  to 25 percent of our players and offsets overall club fees to ensure affordability for all families. EBUSC is among the most affordable, quality soccer programs in the Bay Area, which is made possible in large part through our Scholarship Fund. We want to continue to ensure that meet the needs of our Club’s families.

We’re fortunate to have a great group of supportive families, including one member who has committed contributing an additional $25,000 once we have reached our goal.