EBU Juniors Membership – New Option For Families!

The new EBU Juniors Membership is open to children in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade.

Benefits of an EBU Juniors Membership

  • Pay a flat rate of $50/month ($600/year) to be able to participate in all EBU Juniors programs.
  • Save money if your child will be participating in multiple programs throughout the year (e.g. U6/U8 League + Soccer School). Click here for a full list of EBU Juniors Programs for children in Preschool through 2nd Grade.
  • Play as much or as little soccer as you want, all year round.
  • Attend multiple Soccer School classes per week.
  • Pay all at once or in 12 monthly payments.
  • Families may request Financial Aid to get an EBU Juniors Membership at a reduced monthly price.
  • Additional benefits

What programs does an EBU Juniors membership include?

  • Summer ’19
    • EBU Rec Soccer Camp: Aug 5th – Aug 9th (2005-2011)
  • Fall ’19
    • Soccer School
    • U6 Micro Soccer League
    • U8 Soccer League
    • Play Dates
  • Winter 2019-20
    • Soccer School
    • Winter Indoor Soccer League
  • Spring ’20
    • Soccer School
    • U6 Micro Soccer League
    • U8 Soccer League
    • Play Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

If I get an EBU Juniors Membership will my child be automatically enrolled in all of these programs? Do they have to participate in everything?

No, once your child has an EBU Juniors Membership they can select which programs they want to participate in throughout the year.

Does my child need an EBU Juniors Membership to play?

No, you do not need an EBU Juniors Membership to register for Soccer School, U6/U8 Leagues, or Summer Camp.

Once I have an EBU Juniors Membership, how do I select/register for the specific programs that my child wants to do?

Use the registration link for each program to register (Soccer School, U6/U8 Leagues, or Summer Camp). When you get your EBU Juniors Membership you will be provided with a discount code so that you can complete the registration for each program without being charged. Please note that the U6 & U8 Leagues have registration deadlines for each season and space on teams may be limited.

My discount code is not working! What’s wrong?

Please double-check to make sure that you are entering the correct discount code, and are entering it correctly. A discount codes from a past season or different programs will not work. Also, the code is case sensitive and needs to be typed in exactly. Enter the code in the “Discount Code” field in the “Additional Player Info” section on the first page of the TeamSnap Registration. Even after you enter the code, you will not see the discount applied until the very last page before checkout, which can be confusing. If you complete the whole registration and see that your card has actually been charged incorrectly, please contact the registrar to notify us and we will refund/reverse the charge.

Is there Financial Aid available to participate in EBU Juniors programs?

Yes! Click here to complete the online Financial Aid Application.

Información en español

Por favor, envíe un correo electrónico a Coach Drew si prefiere hablar en español o si tiene otras preguntas.