Sara Jo Ciapponi



21 years old








What team do you currently play on?

Fresno State University


What position do you play?

Center Defender


Were you a team captain?

I have been a team captain on my club team, and on my high school team


Are you a team captain/member of the leadership group in college?

I am a member of the leadership group on my college team. There are 9 seniors and we all play an important role of leadership on the team.


What is your most memorable soccer experience?

I had a lot of great experiences on the field playing soccer, but the greatest experience I had from playing soccer was being able to have the opportunity to play for a Division 1 team. That was always a dream of mine and I was able to play soccer for Fresno State.


Who is your favorite soccer team?



What is your favorite soccer move?

The scissor, it really throws people off


What are three words that describe the EBUSC/Bay Oaks community?

Experienced, Hardworking, and Compassionate


Why do you love to play soccer?

I love to play soccer because of the aspect of being on a team. Every team that I have played for have been like family to me, including the coaches. I love the speed and aggressiveness of soccer and it has been one of my passions in my life for as long as I can remember.


What makes a great leader/team captain?

A great leader is someone who motivates others to be better in every situation. Someone who leads by example. Be willing to listen to your teammates and always be there for them when they need advice. Always be a good friend. Show the team what hard work and effort looks like.


When did you participate in the EBUSC/Bay Oaks Coach in Training/Junior Coaching program?

During summers in high school I worked with Bay Oaks and the coaches for camps and helping younger kids improve their soccer skills.


What did participating in these programs teach you about being a leader?

Being a leader is someone who people look up to. When you are a leader it is important to know every one of your players or teammates and be able to help them in the best way possible for them. Being a leader is a privilege and it is something that takes a lot of courage and heart to do.


How did playing for EBUSC/Bay Oaks prepare you for being a leader?

Being a captain on my Bay Oaks team prepared me for being a leader because it gave me a responsibility that was greater than myself. My team was looking up to me and looking to me for advice and to keep them all motivated and on the same page. Being a leader and a captain for my Bay Oaks team was a privilege.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Playing for Bay Oaks and for Jean Decru were the best years of my life. I made life long friends and I have a bond with my coach (Jean Decru) that has been very influential in my soccer development and even outside of soccer. Playing soccer has enriched my life in many ways and I am forever grateful to all of the Bay Oaks staff and the players that I was in contact with throughout my years as a Bay Oaks player.


Stanford, CA – August 14. 2015: Stanford Cardinal vs Fresno State at Laird Q. Cagan Stadium.