SAN JOSE, Calif. – EBU Bay Oaks participated in the first meeting of the Partners in Development Training Program at Avaya Stadium on Monday night, presented by the San Jose Earthquakes. The program is a collaborative and inclusive effort between motivated youth development clubs throughout Northern California to identify, develop and inspire young players to new heights.


Clubs from the region were invited to join the monthly educational program that is free for all participants. The program consists of two main elements: coach mentorship and player development.


Top coaches and directors from local clubs were brought together in both formal and informal settings to share and learn best practices and innovative trends. Topics included game principles, video analysis, training methodology and more.


There was also a significant training program for the region’s high-potential players, identified and invited by each participating club. Players were trained in areas such as technical and tactical mastery and intelligent positioning.

Photos of invited EBU Bay Oaks players to the first EPI Center on Jan 29th from our 2010-2007 Boys age-groups to attend the event at Avaya Stadium.


One of the main objectives of the program is to help all clubs realize the importance of developing a strong skill set at an early age (7-11), with all players falling in the U-10 and U-12 age ranges. The Partners in Development methodology was designed to create a unique and dynamic training and learning opportunity for motivated young players.


“We are excited to engage and collaborate together and with the various clubs, coaches and players that are taking part in the Partners In Development Program,” said Earthquakes Director of Formation Paul Holocher. “We can learn from each other as we dive deep into the many interesting aspects of the game as it relates to coach and player development.”


EBU Bay Oaks is one of 10 youth clubs that participated on Monday.



EBU Bay Oaks Player Feedback on SJ Earthquakes “Partner in Development” epicenter experience on Jan 29th


For this occasion, we sent staff coach Mason Webb as coaching support and seven players in the 2010-2007 boys age group to participate in the session. The comments below are from a few of our parents that show what a wonderful experience it was for our young players to train in the $100M Avaya stadium:
“Dear EBU-Bay Oaks D.A. staff I just wanted to thank you for giving us this opportunity. Playing on the field at Avaya stadium was a dream come true for my son, and it was clear when he was coming off the field that he enjoyed it”


“Dear EBU-Bay Oaks D.A. staff, I just wanted to thank you again for giving my son such an amazing opportunity. He had a fabulous time and truly enjoyed the experience!”


EBU-Bay Oaks has had a long tradition of producing players for San Jose Earthquakes program. Indeed, in 2017 we graduated six players (four 2003 + two 2002) into their Full Academy program:


EBU Bay Oaks Has Rich Player Production History to the SJ Earthquakes


Our club has a rich history with the SJ Earthquakes since their return 10 years ago when the SJ Earthquakes brought the franchise back to the Bay Area in 2008 and played their home games in the Oakland Coliseum, closer to our club.

David Beckham/ Galaxy @ SJE                         Cuauhtemoc Blanco/Chicago Fire @ SJE


Over the years EBU-Bay Oaks has been a “hotbed” for producing talented players who aspire to compete at the highest level possible. Some of these players moved on to college or played at the pro level in the US or abroad and we even had two former players drafted by the Earthquakes.


Signing Day 2017 for 03,02 EBU Bay Oaks players to play for SJ Earthquakes Academy (read story)


We are proud to be a “Partner in Development” club with the SJ Earthquakes and look forward to seeing this partnership grow, and for many more of our youth players to experience these opportunities.


Below are write ups of EBU Bay Oaks players that played in the SJ Earthquakes Academy or were drafted, signed.

Amado Lozano – ‘98 to Penn (see Catching up with Amado)

Gyasi Pigott – ‘98 to UC Riverside – (see 2017 National Signing Day)

Fahmi Ibrahim -’99 and Fynn Ruffner ‘03 score goals – ( see Player of the Week honors )

Devante Dubose – drafted in 2014 (see Dubose Selected in MLS Draft )

Billy Knutsen – signed   ( see Knutsen joins SJ Earthquakes )