Players on the state and regional teams use the Bay Oaks name and logo on their uniforms. The uniforms are generally kept for three years and then a new kit is chosen.

BAY OAKS UNIFORMS FOR 2017 (this supersedes the previous memorandum from 2016)

For 2017, Bay Oaks Soccer Club (The Club) have selected a custom Adidas uniform that replaces the previous kit in use through the 2015 season. The new predominately blue jersey and shorts are substantially similar to the prior kit, but the new white jersey is noticeably different. This memorandum addresses considerations to take into account when determining the need to purchase the new uniform kit.

2017 Uniform Official Memorandum 

The official position of The Club is that players will no longer be allowed to wear the old version of the uniform. In the past, if a player had the previous version of the uniform kit which, for example, still fit, they would not have had to purchase a new uniform. Moving forward we are asking that all players have the latest uniform as pictured above.

Other Considerations:

  • Soccer Post will no longer carry the old style from Adidas.
  • For the 2016 season, being the 1st year of the 3-year uniform cycle, The Club allowed certain younger-age teams to purchase cotton t-shirts and/or off-brand shorts for use as a uniform in lieu of requiring new players to buy a custom Adidas uniform which was in its last year in the line. For 2017, all players will be required to wear the complete new Adidas uniform.

Soccer Post has requested that each team contact them at and advise them as to your team’s plan with respect to uniforms for 2017. Soccer Post will then set up a team sheet for your team which will be used to capture uniform order data specific to your team, allowing them to efficiently process orders for each of your team members.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Matson at Soccer Post at the email address above or at (510) 523-5700.

The Uniform Kit

  • Blue shorts
  • Blue (home) and white (away) jerseys
  • Yellow (home) socks, some teams will have two different color socks
  • Yellow and blue practice t-shirts



For new teams, orders are submitted as a group by the team uniform coordinator.  The team uniform order form can be found here Team Sheet.

For individuals ordering independently, please submit your order directly to Soccer Post, EBU’s uniform provider. Individual order forms can be found here Order Form 2016 – Individual.