EBU has a team for you – we have a team at every competitive level, at every age group.

How Do You Join a Team?

We generally hold tryouts for our U9-14 Bay Oaks teams in late January and early February. We generally hold Placement Days for our U15-19 Bay Oaks teams in early March. Players interested in trying out for a Bay Oaks team should check our tryout schedule that is generally posted in late November or early December before tryouts and register for those tryouts by following the instructions on that schedule. On the first day of tryouts, the club President and Director of Coaching provide an overview to parents.

Sometimes we have room for players in our Bay Oaks teams during the year. If you are interested in joining one of our Bay Oaks teams and do not want to wait for tryouts, please send an email to the Coaching Director in charge of the appropriate age group with the league and team in which the player has participated. If there is space, we may invite the player to some practices to see if there is a good fit.

My Child Has Been Selected for a Bay Oaks Team. What is next?

  • Acceptance:  Please accept your offer within 48 hours after it is extended. After that, we cannot guarantee that we will hold your spot. We want to be fair to those Alternates on the wait list by extending them an offer, if there are spaces available.
  • Financial Aid: Look at the financial aid section of our website to see if you qualify and, if you do, apply for Financial Aid from our generous Scholarship Program.
  • Registration: Follow the Links on our website.  If you receive Financial Aid, use the discount code supplied to you by the Financial Aid Committee.
  • Jamboree: Play in our fun Jamboree several weeks after tryouts end where you get to play Street Soccer and meet your coaches and teammates.
  • Parent Meeting: Attend the parent meeting for your child’s team or pool to learn about the coach’s philosophy, our program and the calendar for the year.  You will also volunteer for a team or club role (we have a mandatory volunteer policy).
  • Join TeamSnap Page: Your team will communicate through TeamSnap. It is free to join. Your team manager will send you the link. Practice and game schedules (with links for directions) will be included on this site.
  • Uniform: Order your child’s uniform through or with the assistance of your team’s Uniform Coordinator. You should go to Soccer Post in Alameda for your child to try it on.
  • Spring Season: Start practices with your team in early March. Play games starting later in the spring.
  • Summer Camp: Attend our summer camp that is integrated into our curriculum and is designed for your child’s age group.
  • Fall Season: Rejoin your team after its summer break to resume practices. Some of our teams will train in June and July (particularly those top teams that are playing tournaments in those months), while others will not restart until early August. Many of our teams will play in tournaments in August. Fall season games begin the weekend after Labor Day and usually end in November or early December.
  • Winter Academies: After your fall season is over, join in our Winter Training Academies.

If you are too young for our U9 teams, we encourage you to check out our EBU Juniors Programs!