EBU’s Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program is designed to track all players who have excelled in their age-group and who have had the opportunity to guest train and earned guest playing opportunities with a team either in a higher flighting (ie. B team to A team) or in an older age bracket. One of the advantages of our large club is that we can provide many guest training (practices) and playing (matches) opportunities to enhance our players’ development and assist teams that may need to borrow extra players. Our goal is build our player’s confidence so they can perform with consistency when they are called up to play at the next level during the course of the season.

EBU Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program 

See our formal documentation for Internal and External Player Recommendation process (DOC)

EBU Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program recommendations can be made during the course of the year.  A coach who has players he/she  feels can  play at the next level must communicate with the overseeing/ mentoring CD in the age-group (and also the coach of the next age-group or the next level up)  to work out potential practice (and game) opportunities.

Either the CD or one of the coaches involved then logs the player in the EBU Identification and Development program and continues to track the player during practices and games.

The player’s primary responsibility is still to the team that they are initially rostered on at the time of team selection and to the coach of that team.

Which Players can participate in the Internal EBU Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program?

Players at all levels within EBU can be identified for the EBU-Bay Oaks Identification and Development Program. The program runs year round. Players selected may train more days than just the schedule practice days with their primary team.
Who recommends the players  Internal EBU Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program?

Their EBU coach and/or age-group CD can recommend them for consideration.

What is the Program Monitoring, Oversight, Advising and Management look like within this Internal EBU Bay Oaks Identification and Player Development Program? 

Once players start training on a more regular basis, coaches (and overseeing CD) collate information and provide ongoing feedback to the players and their coaches. These players are guided, and advised by the age-group CD in conjunction with all  coaches who have been involved in the process. In the event of a conflict between two coaches re: players playing up/guest playing etc.  the CD will  assess, advise and make recommendations regarding what is in the best interest of the player. This is in line with EBU Bay Oaks Individual Player Development philosophy.  If a player is invited to play a game, the play would typically train at a minimum of once with the team during the week prior to the game. This way the player knows what the team is working on and the coach can assess and guide the player of their roles for the team they will play for on that following weekend.  The goal is to demistify the process of playing up for our Identified players and for them to quickly adjust when they come in an unknown environment.  (This way of developing players is paying it forward when players get invited or are recommended to an external competitive environment such as in a Norcal PDP, US Club Soccer ID2 or US Soccer Market Training Center or if lucky enough to one of our US Soccer National Team programs.)