Babacar Diallo

In this month’s player profile, we get to know Babacar Diallo – an EBUSC alum and currently a player for the Santa Clara Men’s Soccer team.

1. What made you decide to commit to the college you did?
I committed to Santa Clara University because they showed a great interest in me.  They contacted me right after I played my first game with Bay Oaks Mavericks 95 at a college showcase at Turlock, which was a big turn on.  In addition, the school is located in California and it is very close to home.  This makes it easy for me to visit my family and friends.

2. What did you learn from the college recruiting process?
I learned that the college recruiting process is not a piece of cake.  It can be very tiring and annoying, but in the end it is worth it. The process is not just about the sport you play, but also about the grades you’ve earned in school.  In addition, you are competing against millions of other student-athletes from around the world.

3. What did your new (college) coach do/say that attracted you to the college you ultimately committed to?
After I spoke with my coaches, they let me know that they enjoyed the way I played and believed that I would be a good fit for the team they are trying to build next season. They talked to me like a grown up and they were straight forward about the program and what they expect from each player. When I went to visit the school, they had me meet all of the men’s soccer team coaching staff. That really put Santa Clara University ahead of any school.

4. How did EBU Bay Oaks help you to ultimately get recruited by a college team? (Coaches, exposure in tournaments, etc.)
The truth is, I am so glad that I played with EBU Bay Oaks my last year before college. The club’s great coaching staff, such as Coach Glenn, Coach Edgar, and Coach Mariano helped me to get to where I am today. I also can’t forget the hard work that Brook and Stacey Wright put in to get my paper work transferred from my previous team, Oakland Select. This team put me in the best place to get recruited by offering many high level tournaments.  I also want to give a big thanks to Coach Glenn for connecting me with many college coaches who showed a big interest in me.  I can’t repay EBU Bay Oaks for all that they have done for me in less than one year, but I am ready to show NCAA that I am a product of EBU Bay Oaks.