Cecilia Sifuentes

  1. Name?
    Cecilia Sifuentes
  1. Age?
    19 years old
  1. What team do you currently play on?
    Sonoma State University
  1. What position do you play?
    I play everything.
  1. Were you a team captain?
    Every team I have played on I was team captain, and plan on being one for Sonoma State.
  1. Are you a team captain/member of the leadership group in college?
    I am a member of the Leadership group in college, and was voted by my freshman class it to be in it.
  1. What is your most memorable soccer experience?
    My most memorable experience is playing on the Bay Oaks Bombers for Jean DeCru, and taking first place in the Mustang tournament by beating a high ranked team Lamorinda. What was so great about this experience was we won all four games, and it was the last year they were ever going to hold the Mustang tournament. Meaning we were the last ones to be named as Champions, and it was a great feeling.
  1. Who is your favorite soccer team?
  1. What is your favorite soccer move?
    Definitely the step over, scissor, and the fake & take.
  1. What are three words that describe the EBUSC/Bay Oaks community?
    Great, talented, experienced coaches (sorry, couldn’t do just three words).
  1. Why do you love to play soccer?
    Soccer has always been something I had to work hard to be great in. Which then has taught me to do well in school and get good grades so I was able to play soccer. It is a sport that takes heart, fight and a lot of running, which is three things that explain the type of player I am. There’s no right words to say why I love this sport, but how my heart feels when I play it, I just know.
  1. What makes a great leader/team captain?
    One that not only talks and motivates others, but leads by example for others to follow. Also one that never leaves any teammate behind because you’re only as good as your weakest player, and your team will never be great if not everyone is on the same page. A captain is someone that people listen to when they speak, and trust everything they say. Your team has to respect you and the only way they will is if you show them that you have the vision to be a champion, and will lead them. 
  1. When did you participate in the EBUSC/Bay Oaks Coach in Training/Junior Coaching program?
    I did it the past few summers and worked as an assistant coach for Jean DeCru in coaching the camps for the piedmont girls, and boys for two years. 
  1. What did participating in these programs teach you about being a leader?
    It taught me that every player works differently and that you have to adapt in working with the different attitudes players have. Having to teach them the right from wrong, that some players get right away while others are a work in progress. But in the end your goal as a captain is to get everyone on the same page.
  1. How did playing for EBUSC/Bay Oaks prepare you for being a leader?
    My coach Jean DeCru put me to be the team captain, which gave me the responsibility of stepping up and setting the bar for the team and where it should be.
  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share?
    My Bay Oaks experience definitely gave me the showing I needed to get to the college I wanted to be at. I will forever be grateful for that.