Footskills Clinics
(Fall 2019 – U9-U16)

All Bay Oaks and EBU Rec players are encouraged to attend these weekly sessions! At this age, nothing is more important for a players technical development than their ability to control the ball—in tight spaces, with speed, agility and confidence. This is a dynamic and fun training environment for children that are eager and excited to put in the work to become better players. During the fall, Footskills Clinics are held on Fridays @ Raimondi Alameda Point

Fall 2019 Schedule

Friday Sep 6 – Nov 8, 2019

Friday Footskills Clinics @ Alameda Point

U9-U11 Footskills Clinic
(2009 – 2011)
Fridays 4:30pm – 5:30pm
U12-U16 Footskills Clinic
Fridays 5:3opm – 6:30pm


All Friday Clinics at Alameda Point are FREE for Bay Oaks players who are currently playing with a Bay Oaks Team (2001-2011 Boys/Girls). Bay Oaks players do not need to register in advance—you can show up and sign in at the field on the first day of clinics.

EBU Rec Players (U10+) are encouraged to join us for Friday Clinics at Alameda Point. EBU Rec Players may $50 to register for a Fall Season Training Pass to participate in the Friday Clinics throughout the 10-week fall season.