EBU Bay Oaks Finishing Training Academy

Finishing Clinics

Fall 2019 – U12-U14


EBU-Bay Oaks Finishing Program is based around individual and small group combination goal scoring. Finishing (goal scoring) is one, if not the most important part of the game. How many times have you seen a team create wonderful goal scoring opportunities only to see the final action miss the target!

This program is designed to minimize the misses and maximize efficiency in front of goal.

All our programs are based on individual and small group skill development. We highly recommend you attend.

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 6 – Nov 8, 2019

Friday Finishing Clinic @ Alameda Point

U12-U14 Finishing Clinic
Fridays 5:30pm – 6:30pm

All Friday Clinics at Alameda Point are FREE for Bay Oaks players who are currently playing with a Bay Oaks Team (2001-2011 Boys/Girls). Bay Oaks players do not need to register in advance—you can show up and sign in at the field on the first day of clinics.

EBU Rec Players (U10+) are encouraged to join us for Friday Clinics at Alameda Point. EBU Rec Players may $50 to register for a Fall Season Training Pass to participate in the Friday Clinics throughout the 10-week fall season.