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Congratulations to EBU BO Storm ‘99 for earning Breakers Cup!

Bay Oaks Storm 99, coached by Lauren Nadler and Robin Hart, won the U-15 girls top flight title at the Santa Cruz Breakers Cup. The Storm shut out all four of its opponents and beat the host team, 2-0, in the final.

August 1st, 2014|Team News|0 Comments

Congratulations to BO Roadrunners ’98 for winning the CarlsBad College Showcase

Congrats to the Bay Oaks Roadrunners ’98 (U16B) for succeeding in the showcase with 1-0, 5-0, 1-0 wins

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Congratulations to BO Bombers ’95 and BO Botafogo ’96 for winning Rage College Showcase U18s

Congrats to the both our U18G teams (Bay Oaks Bombers ’95 and Bay Oaks Botafogo 96) for outperforming their opponents including many teams from top Southern California clubs.

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Congratulations to BO Mavericks 95 and BO United 99 on 3rd place finishings in Norcal NPL Champions League!

Congrats on NPL Champions League 3rd places finishings for EBU Bay Oaks Mavericks 95 (U18B) and  EBU Bay Oaks United 99 (U14B)!

Mavericks 95 standings
United 99 standings

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